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The process of selling real estate (real property) through probate or trust is a court-regulated series of steps that must be carefully monitored and managed. Deadlines are unforgiving, documentation is specialized, and the court’s oversight must be honored throughout the marketing, offers, negotiations and sale of the property.   

Executor or Admininistrator

In addition to the personnel of the court, the sale generally involves the Executor or Administrator of the estate, the attorney representing the estate, a real estate agent representing the seller (the estate), one or more buyers who make offers with the court, and those buyers’ real estate agents. Each of these individuals must follow the guidelines and deadlines of the court.  

Because of the involvement of the court, probate and trust sales have a vocabulary all their own. They also involve various disclosure documents and contracts that are not used in other real estate transactions. 

If you are selling or buying real property through such a transaction, we are experienced in probate and trust sales and will able to explain the language, the documentation, and the steps in the process.

"A Real Estate Planner is a licensed real estate agent who is certified and has the knowledge, training and experience to compassionately guide a real estate owner in ways to create generational wealth, minimize taxes and facilitate goals of the family."

"A Real Estate Plan begins with a Simple Strategy Session to Discuss Your Family's Goals"

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Fortunately, as skilled Probate Specialists we help with solutions to all of these questions and most importantly deliver the outcome your family needs. We are with you every step of the way, assisting in the sale of your loved one's property. This encompasses managing both minor and major aspects of probate property sales, such as helping you choose and coordinate the best service providers (such as professionals for personal property sorting, handyman tasks, estate liquidators, appraisers, etc.) all the way through to the final closing of the home sale.

If you have a home going through probate, allow us to reduce your stress. It all begins with a simple strategy session around your family's goals.

Collaboration with Financial Advisors, CPAs and Trust Attorneys

We work with your team of trusted advisors to ensure the plan you decide on meets all aspects of your financial and real estate goals.

A Real Estate Plan begins with a simple Strategy Session to discuss your family's goals.

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Understanding Probate

The Probate Real Estate Sale Process

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As a Keller Williams (KW) Real Estate planner, our approach to real estate is a bit different. While a Real Estate Agent will focus on the finishing the current transaction a Real Estate Planner helps ensure your current purchase or sale and future decisions you make throughout your lifetime help to achieve your long-term real estate goals.

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